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Home Staging

What's better than a beautifully staged home? A Beautifully staged SOLD home. 

Timelines. Goals. Budgets. Sold.

Whether you are having trouble selling your home or whether you want to better your odds of selling your home or property, staging can be the boost you need. 
People like to imagine themselves in the home or property they're purchasing. At the very least, the buyer wants to imagine the potential for the space. A good stager can help you rearrange what's already in the home, add their own inventory of goods to elevate the space or a combination of the two!

Stagers can also take it a step further and provide you with a consult during your pre-sale period to help you make interior and exterior recommendations to make your home optimal for sale and successful results. 


  • Home Staging Services for Occupied and Vacant homes
  • Rental Property/ AIR BnB Staging
  • Property Investor for Design Consultations
  • Property Staging Services
  • Home Staging & Property Staging Consultations 
  • Professional Design Consultations
  • Curb Appeal Consultations
  • Paint Consultations
  • Fixture Consultations
  • Home/Property Improvement Consultations
  • Pre-list walk through
  • Open House Recommendations

Be confident in your decision to sale

77% of buyers' agents say that 

staging makes it easier for buyer's 

to visualize the property as their 

future home. 

Great staging, Quick Closing

49% of buyers' agents say that

 staging a home increases the dollar 

value offered.

The Three Most Common Staged Rooms:

Not too personal, but personable

83% Living Rooms

Give people the room to imagine themselves in their home

76% Kitchen

Let Plushed help you close

69% Master Bedrooms

Keep in mind that it takes 15 seconds for a buyer to know if they're interested in your home.

Crunching the stats

62% of sellers' agents say that 

staging a home decreases the 

amount of time a home spends on 

the market. 

Sell a home not a house

93% of agents recommend that 

seller's de-clutter their home before 

putting it on the market.