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About Plushed By Berber LLP, Est. 2014

Plushed By BerBer staff and owners

Plushed By Berber Design & Events (PBB) professionally coordinates, plans, and designs events. PBB specializes in corporate events that creatively integrate marketing and branding. PBB provides event solutions at various price points that include event consultation and e-design because we understand that full-service event planning is not always appropriate for our clients.


PBB takes pride in our level of personal investment that we have with our clients; our level of customer service allows us to break the codependency of consumerism by also empowering our clients to elevate how they approach and execute events in the future. We truly believe in elevation so that everyone has a chance to win.
PBB’s core values are innovation, elevation, and collaboration as we seek to enhance
community engagement opportunities. In doing so, PBB also plans and hosts community events in collaboration with other business entities that range from corporate events to entertainment and community engagement.

Bernice Marlow

CEO, Creative Director

Bernice's creativity knows no bounds, and once she takes out her sketch pad- consider the event PLUSHED. Bernice has over 30 years of experience in event planning and event design. Bernice isn't limited in event planning, Bernice is also an Interior Designer, it takes her understanding of color, environment, and layouts to a different level. Bernice is the Berber in Plushed By BerBer. Bernice sets that standard.

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Bernice Marlow Plushed By Berber CEO
Tanajah Mims, Plushed By Berber Owner

Tanajah Mims

Director of Marketing & Logistics

Tanajah has over 20 years of experience in event planning and over 10 years of experience in project management. While Tanajah loves being creative- she is the logistics and marketing go to. Tanajah also assists clients in marketing, graphic design, and consulting when needed. Tanajah takes events a step further with her multitude of talents. There's a certain standard that is set by Plushed and it's implemented through "The Mims Effect". 

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