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This is for the client that needs their event tied in a nice clean package to carry out to completion.

This is a product that can be provided virtually but will require outside communication such as an email, phone call, or zoom call to get the full details of the project.


This purchase includes the following:


  1. A custom concept board
  2. A design board with PBB suggestions/recommendations
  3. Vendor Suggestions
  4. Space Planning
  5. Venue Analysis
  6. 3 consultation hours


SKU: 364215375135191
  • If the customer is dissatisfied with the provided design, there are (2) complimentary rounds of revisions made to the final product. Only 50% refunds are granted under all circumstances unless there is a proven Act of God that takes place (which includes, birth, death, natural disaster etc.,). This is due to the fact that several hours have already been spent to produce the product.

  • Here's how the process goes:

    1. PBB receives your order

    2. PBB reaches out for a fact finding call, and sends preceding inquiry form

    3. PBB will complete deliverables within 5 business days

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